Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Photo of the Week--6/9/08

Our very first vacation after our move to London in the summer of 1998 was up to Yorkshire. We visited York, the second oldest city in England, and various sites around the county. This is a photo of Fountains Abbey, which according to the guidebooks is the largest monastic ruin in England. It was founded in 1132 by the Cistercian order, right next to a river; you can't see from this shot, but the ruins spread out over acres, and you can see where the kitchens and living quarters were, in addition to the large cathedral that served as the center of worship. This is my favorite shot from that trip; I love the play of light and shadow (lovely northern summer light), as well as the shape of the ruined staircase that is in the center of the photo.

It's actually funny that I should be making this post about Yorkshire today; on that trip, 10 years ago, we had a nice visit with my other half's aunt and uncle, who live in Yorkshire. That very same aunt and uncle are having a nice visit here with us in Michigan this week.

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