Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes....

I couldn't resist sharing more wisdom from Boy, who, as a teenager, is frequently full of it*. So lately I've been trying to suggest he should keep up with taekwondo, or some kind of physical activity, as one marching band rehearsal a week does not constitute an exercise plan. Here was our enlightening conversation:

Me: I'm going for a walk while it's still cool. Do you want to come along?

Boy: Mo-om, no! I've got marching band rehearsal tonight.**

Me: Will you go with me to class on Friday or Saturday, then?

Boy: I also had a sectional last night. I got some exercise then.

Me: Twice a week isn't going to keep you in great shape.

Boy: Mom, I'm growing an inch a week.*** I don't need to work off my food.

Me: You're not going to grow an inch every week.

Boy: [Silence. His point has been made.]

Me: Arrgh!

I have to give him credit for his reasoning, though. It's almost as twisty as mine when I'm trying to avoid starting Chapter 17.

*Besides teenage wisdom, he is also frequently full of something that rhymes with "it."
**To be fair, marching band rehearsal does last three hours, and works the calves something wonderful.
***This is not inaccurate. A few days before I left for Nationals, the doctor's office measured him at 4'11.75". I measured the day after I got back, and he was 5'0.75" tall. Now he is trying to convince me to leave for the rest of the summer in hopes of outgrowing his classmates.

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