Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo of the Week--7/7/08

We had a very busy year of travel in 1999. Although we took the extended family to Italy in January, at the end of February we were ready to leave again. London is further north than Michigan, despite its temperate climate, and we were desperate for some sunshine. David had a school break and Malta was the perfect place to spend a week. Our travel agent thought we were out of our minds, as most Brits go there for the beaches and average temps in February are in the 60s, but we found so much more there. Beautiful Mediterranean seas (Malta is just south of Sicily) and landscapes; incredible architecture from the Middle Ages; and prehistoric buildings like this one, the Temples of Mnajdra. The site dates to around 3700 BC, almost six thousand years old, and has chambers with various astronomical purposes. I liked this photo because it summarized much of what we loved about this trip: beautiful weather, the sea, and intriguing sites that aren't overrun by tourists. It's definitely a place I'd love to revisit.

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