Monday, September 15, 2008

Photo of the Week--9/8/08

Okay, so who would be crazy enough to go to the Arctic Circle in December? That would be us. In our defense, we hadn't seen snow for a year, and a certain jolly guy in a red suit lives there (Boy was five at the time). And we had a very memorable vacation in Finnish Lapland. Besides the incredible snowy scenery (like the above), we rode a dog sled and a reindeer-drawn sleigh, went toboganning, and visited Santa. Oh, and there was the little detour involving a mountain ambulance and the local emergency room, because I am so naturally graceful. By the way, this photo was taken at around 1 pm in the afternoon. It was lovely to visit Finnish Lapland, but with the way it messes up your internal clock, I wouldn't want to live there.

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