Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Quilt Files, Episode 6

A couple years back, after I'd been quilting for a while, I realized I hadn't actually finished any quilts to be used in my own home. I'd finished a wall hanging or two, and given away a few baby quilts and a queen-sized as a wedding gift (subjects for future episodes), but I hadn't actually completed something for one of our bedrooms. Since I was in the middle of quilting a queen-sized project, and piecing a king-sized for my own bed, the choice was obvious: make a quilt for Boy. (Full-sized bed=obvious choice.)

The choice was probably spurred by an upcoming birthday, because birthdays mean discounts at my favorite fabric store, Viking Sewing Center. I borrowed a pattern from my mom, got color preferences from Boy, and headed over to browse their wonderful selection of Batiks. I found enough variations in three color groups that I could play around with the simple large square/skinny post/small square pattern. Through careful arrangement, I turned it into this:

(Oh no, I've revealed Boy's initial on the internetz! He will never forgive me!) This pattern was easy to piece together, and I stitched in the ditch in one of my first attempts at machine quilting. It didn't take long to finish, and I haven't had to buy a blanket for Boy since. I'm hoping he'll want to take it with him to college (if he's outgrown the anything-to-do-with-Mom-is-babyish stage by then), but if not, I'll enjoy the bright colors and pretty patterns.

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  1. Gee, you not only revealed his initial, but his face. Bad Mom!

    If he doesn't want to take it with him to college when that time comes, you could always make him a maize and blue one.