Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Quilt Files, Episode 7

... Baby edition! It just happened that my general circle of family and friends experienced a baby boom shortly after we returned from England. Although I had made my first full-sized quilt and a couple of wall hangings, I was still struggling to finish the hand-quilting on my queen-sized. When I discovered my cousin was expecting, making a baby-sized quilt seemed just the thing for a little fun. Of course, Linda's baby required a special theme; it didn't matter whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, it was going to be a Deere. (If you were at her wedding, where she danced with the groom to "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy," it would be obvious to you, too.)

I spend more time than I ought in Jo-Ann Fabrics, so I knew that among their licensed fabrics they had a rather large selection of John Deere fabrics. I picked out three or four, found some greens and yellows to coordinate, and came up with this pattern, a combination of four-patches, large solid squares, and large half-triangle squares. It required some thin posts between the squares, as well a a little border, because I found the perfect backing: a whole panel featuring a John Deere tractor.

I spent a few weeks measuring and cutting and sewing and playing with how to arrange the pieces, another weekend doing some easy machine quilting, and ended up with this as the result. The cats were pretty interested (they always like to add their own contributions to my quilting projects, usually in the form of multitudinous cat hairs), and I couldn't keep them out of the photo. The quilt was a hit at the baby shower, and was especially well-received by the future father, who was glad to see something to make it easier for his new son to dream about Deeres.

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