Thursday, March 12, 2009

Random Thoughts ... Is the road singing?

No time for long, thought-out posts today, so just some random thoughts.

How I know spring is coming ('cause I can't tell by the weather): I saw two Great Blue Herons yesterday, attempting to land in a nearby creek despite horrible wind conditions. Plus, raccoon road-kill season has started.

If I have to work Saturday for the fourth time in a row, I'm really going to have to start scheduling my time better.

I don't think my toes are ever going to be warm again.

If I never see a yellow lawn sign again, I'll be happy.

Watch out, everyone, in ten days Boy can get his driver's permit.

If TSU hadn't banned further cats I'd be seriously tempted, because there's one at the shelter who's so sweet and yet so shy that I worry she won't find a home.

I'm sure that the repaved stretch of Ford Road is singing to me. Every time I drive down it I hear harmonics that I know aren't coming from the radio. Yet any time I turn off the radio and listen to the road, it stops singing. I would be seriously disturbed by this, but because this is the ONLY smooth road within 50 miles of me, I can't complain.

I'm not sure where to stop this list. So here it stops.

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