Friday, March 27, 2009


I had a couple of ideas for a blog entry today, and plenty of time to explore one of them, but then ... ZAP! My power went out at about 9:30 am today. And it wasn't just one circuit, but the whole house. I found a flashlight (first try, even) and trudged down to the basement: no breakers tripped. I couldn't tell whether my neighbors had power, as it was so sunny and nice out there didn't need to be lights on. (It turned out at least one was without power, I discovered later.)

I was perplexed. First, I was in the middle of making some goodies for a bake sale, but the oven shut off. I had just started to read my e-mail, but the computer shut off. The TV was on in the background (I like my morning weather), and it made that freaky whiny whirring noise it always makes when it shuts down unexpectedly. What was I going to do? I couldn't bake. I couldn't blog. I couldn't check e-mail. I couldn't work on my current chapter (no hard copy to know where I was). I was planning a trip to the store, so I wrestled with the garage door and managed to get the car out without being crushed. The power was still out when I got back, and that's when I realized it was a message from my next assignment: REVIEW THE RESEARCH!

So I started reading. The power came out around noon, and then it was time to finish baking, eat lunch, check the e-mail, and before I knew it, it was time to go out for the scheduled Humane Society TNR posting I agreed to do. I had planned to write a page, maybe even a couple today. Instead, I have renewed appreciation for the convenience of electricity. And another reminder I should insist that Boy carry a housekey, because he'd have trouble getting in the house without it if the power was out.

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