Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pick my next project!

I'm feeling the need to try something new. I have two fantastic ideas for projects, but I just can't decide which has the better prospects. So I thought, let's see what my readers think (all six of you). Consider these two great ideas and let me know which one you like best.

1) I was browsing the TV the other day and turned to my favorite channel, Lifetime Movie Network. I got caught up in The Loneliest Runner for the fortieth time. I was sobbing (again) as the young protagonist (whom writer Michael Landon based on his childhood self) ran up to his house where his urine-stained sheets hung from his bedroom window. And I thought about all those poor children around the world with bed-wetting problems: there should be a book for them! So I thought I would use my researching skills to create a bibliotherapeutic guide for children dealing with enuresis (bed-wetting). Of course, it will be written in verse. The tentative title? I Wish My Bladder Were Fatter: A Child's Guide to Incontinence.

2) The other day I was driving down Ford Road, the 55-mph route towards Ann Arbor, and I noticed signs of spring: dead raccoon. Dead possum. Dead squirrel. Dead raccoon, dead raccoon, half a dead raccoon. Dead deer. I asked that timeless question all authors use for inspiration: What if? What if I were a little kid riding the bus down Ford Road, so bored that there was nothing to do but look out the window? What might I imagine, gazing down at all those squashed animals? They wouldn't just lay there, that's for sure. They'd get up and play, they'd jump and cavort, ... they'd run away from the bus. And little Bobby would see himself out there with his slightly flat friends, playing tag and chasing them. The tentative title of this one? Road-Kill Rodeo.

So note in the comments which one of these two projects you like best. I can't wait to get started!*

*Or you could take note of the date and suggest your own horrible children's book title.


  1. I really like #2 the best it seems like you could be a lot more creative with that one and really make it what you want :)

  2. Gee, and I thought #2 sounded dreadful. That's probably because I have no imagination. Why don't you finish book 2 and start book 3 instead?

  3. Oh, please please please really write Road Kill Rodeo. I don't care if it's April 1.

  4. Okay, I'll do Road Kill Rodeo, but I simply MUST do my own illustrations for it.

  5. If you do RKR, take pictures - and make it scratch & sniff?

  6. No pictures, illustrations ... drawn in blood! That's it!