Friday, May 15, 2009

Busy busy busy

Too busy to write much of an entry today, at least. I've had something major going on the last three weekends (band concert, conference, AAU States), and tomorrow I'm volunteering at HSHV's Walk-n-Wag...

... wait a second, the phone's ringing ...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! [slams phone down, pounds head on desk]

Now, generally I'm a live-and-let-live kinda girl, not prone to wishing harm to anyone, but if I could send all telemarketers to a special fiery burning circle of hell right now, I WOULD DO IT!

It's almost worse since the institution of the No-Call list, because now everyone who calls thinks their "previous relationship" with you entitles them to be stubborn when you say no. If I say I don't want insurance for my credit card, let me hang up without the "But it's also this service...." If I say I don't need the extended warantee for my car, let me hang up without the "Yes, but...." If you ask for my husband and I tell you he's even more stubborn about saying no telemarketers, then don't ask me for a good time to call back, and don't keep calling me!

Worst are the charities, because then you feel a little guilty saying no. Still, I don't care if you're from the Fraternal Order of Police, or the Special Olympics, or if you're Mother frickin' Theresa herself, I don't do charity over the phone. And if I tell you that, don't keep going, "but we're not asking for donations..." I don't like being rude to people; I'm usually more pleasant to telemarketers than they deserve (in TSU's opinion), but I figure most of them are just trying to make a living. But if I politely say no, you should listen, let me hang up, and move to the next possibility. If you're not going to be considerate enough to let me say no politely, I'm going to hang up on you. And I'm not going to feel guilty about it, so THERE.


  1. Why be even that polite? Yes, they are only trying to make a living, but it's your time and your phone. A simple "Not interested", quickly followed by hanging up does the trick. Note "quickly". Don't bother to listen to anything else they say because you aren't interested! And they aren't paid to get that.

  2. Sharon BlankenshipMay 16, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    Amen to that, Diane. There are charities I've never even heard of calling me. . . Reformed Call Girls, Gigolos Anonymous, Cat Haters Society (Know you'd love that one).
    I ask for their phone number and tell them I'd like to call them back. Funny thing? Their numbers are all blocked.
    There should be a special place on earth, too. Especially the ones that call your cell phone even when you're on the Do Not Call list.