Monday, November 23, 2009

Photo of the Week--11/23/09

No fair! How come I have no trouble posting embarrassing pictures of Boy, but I never make myself the target of my photo posts? Well, the main reason is that I'm the family photographer. I'm the one who drags the camera and batteries and film (now flash cards) to all our destinations. I'm the one who says, "let's climb a little higher" so I can get a really great photo. I only end up in the picture when TSU says, "Hey, why don't I take one with you in it." At which point I hand over the camera, bemoan the state of my hair, and smile like a fool.

So here's a photo from a trip we took to Lucerne, Switzerland in fall 1999. This particular shot was taken atop Mt. Pilatus, and those are the Alps you see in the background. Luckily we didn't have to climb the mountain to get the shot; we took a steam train across the lake, a funicular railway to the top (worth the trip in itself for Boy, who was mad about trains at the time), and a cable car back to the city. Although it was cloudy, it was still extremely beautiful. Unlike my hair. (Sigh.)

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