Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo of the Week--5/24/10

During our last year living in Europe, Boy was starting to get tired of traveling. (He still avows a loathing of monuments and museums today, almost ten years later.) He didn't want to walk around. He didn't want to stop and take a photo. He most certainly didn't want to chase pigeons for a photo. However, during our October 2001 trip to Budapest, Hungary, he was extremely cooperative, and that was due to one reason: food. In Budapest we indulged in goulash, paprika-roasted chicken, crepes stuffed with meat and covered with paprikash sauce, and (even better) crepes stuffed with cream and covered with chocolate sauce. It led Boy to say, for the first and only time, "Could we live here next?" We couldn't, but as consolation we chased some pigeons around so they couldn't be at home either.

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