Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo of the Week--6/21/10

In March 2002 we drove out to Wales, which has some very lovely scenery and very interesting historical sights. There aren't many pigeons, however, so we had to make do with some canaries* during a trip to Rhondda Heritage Park near Trehafod, Wales. They have a tour you can take to experience what daily life would have been like in the coal mines, where men worked all day to gather the "black gold" that heated homes and powered lights. We got our own very stylish safety helmets, rode down the mine shaft in a cage to the pit, and toured the place. It was kind of fun, although there were no pigeons to chase.

*I can't remember, and can't tell from this picture, whether these are real live canaries in the cage (my scrapbook caption says "real") or fakes for the purpose of setting.

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