Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo of the Week--6/28/10

No pigeons in the South of France, either, although you do find the occasional castle in a really strange place. This is Montségur, a lovely ruined fortress atop a 3000-foot hill in Langedoc, north of the Pyrenees Mountains. And yes, we did walk up to the castle atop the hill, where we found not pigeons (they are too lazy), but lots of little lizards, sunning themselves on the rock. You can tell this picture was taken before we went up the hill, because we are still smiling. Although Montségur is mentioned as a candidate for the Holy Grail castle, we were not assaulted by flying cows and poultry as we made the ascent; however, it was a long and tiring walk and we were not able to smile again until several lizards made an appearance.

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