Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo of the Week--11/8/10

So many fountains in Rome ... so lots of opportunities to get shots like this one, with the Pantheon in the back.  I liked the lighting and how it made the features of the sculptures stand out in relief (those teeth!), with the huge columns of the Pantheon gently glowing in the background. We took this trip in early 1999, when Boy was almost five, and we were traveling with my parents and my grandmother, who was making her first trip to Europe at age 83. It was the end of a long day traveling from Florence, so Boy took a nap with his grandparents while TSU and I had a nice relaxing drink at a cafe by the side of the Pantheon. This wonderful  view from our table was the icing on the cake of having a little time to ourselves in a beautiful city.

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