Monday, October 13, 2008

Photo of the Week--10/6/08

In the summer of 2000 we spent a weekend in Bruges, Belgium (or Brugge, as the locals pronounce it). The city is sometimes called "the Venice of the north"* because of all the canals that wind through the city. The architecture of the city is very quaint and picturesque, with a medieval flavor. (When we visited, there was a law against visible satellite dishes and other modern insults to the architecture, so the illusion of going back in time was pretty strong.) This particular building was our hotel for the weekend; it's one of only two in the city that retain their original wooden facings. It was a lovely place to look out, but since that June weekend was very hot, and it had no air conditioning, it meant we had to open our windows ... above a big puddle of water which made a great hatching ground for mosquitoes. Ick. Still, it was worth it for the view, don't you think?

*I say "sometimes," because Amsterdam, St. Petersburg, and Stockholm are just a few of the other cities who make the claim of being the "Venice of the North." But those pictures will have to wait.

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