Friday, October 17, 2008

The Unofficial Haiku Excuse: I'm not lazy

So it's been a while since I posted my last Haiku Review. It's not that I don't want to. It's not that I've forgotten.

I am not lazy
An offer I can't refuse
awaits when I'm done.

You see, the next movie on my to-do list of the greatest movies ever is really two: The Godfather and The Godfather II. I'll admit, I should have seen these before. They're giants of American cinema, I know, but I'm not that fond of the whole mobster genre. So Coppola's masterpieces remain on my unviewed list, along with The Untouchables and any movie with James Cagney. But I'm determined to get to them ... as soon as I can clear five straight hours from my schedule. Which is easier said than done, as I'll demonstrate. Just check out what I've been doing for the past two weeks:

Sat 10/4: Morning, volunteer at Humane Society event; spend lunchtime at black belt show rehearsal; attend Michigan-Illinois game and try not to vomit; pick up Boy on way home.
Sun 10/5: Afternoon out with the family; remind myself what they look like.
Mon 10/6: Teach day class in morning; assist in evening class.
Tues 10/7: Evening flute choir practice.
Wed 10/8: Attend morning class. How did I get an evening free? Try to make dent in 20 hours of DVR recordings.
Thurs 10/9: Volunteer at humane society. Evening band practice.
Fri 10/10: Attend (and participate briefly in) black belt show.
Sat 10/11: Attend 7-hour TKD seminar; run home, shower, run out to Boy's marching band performance.
Sun 10/12: Spend day picking apples and canning applesauce with friends.
Mon 10/13: Morning day class; evening assisting.
Tues 10/14: No rehearsal tonight! Spend three hours doing groceries and assorted non-fun shopping.
Wed 10/15: Attend morning class; attend meeting for marching band volunteers, then attend critique group meeting in Ann Arbor.
Thurs 10/16: Get hair cut, then volunteer at humane society; evening band practice.
Fri 10/17: Tournament team practice. (I'm tired already just thinking about it.)
Sat 10/18: Nothing scheduled today! So we're going to visit family in Canada.
Sun 10/19: Flute choir concert

Oh, and over that two-week period I also produced the program for the black belt show, played chauffeur to Boy several times, did the laundry and shopping and cooking, kept up the blog, and wrote 3000 words worth of critical essays to accompany the horrible coded sketchtops I complained about last week. Amongst all this, sitting down to make up for my cinematic deficits seems a bit self-indulgent. But it will happen soon, I promise. Give me a chance before you dump a horse's head in my bed.

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