Thursday, January 29, 2009

New York, New York, a wonderful town...

.... assuming I can get myself ready for it, that is. I'm very exciting about attending the SCBWI's winter conference in New York City this weekend. I've been twice before (in 2003 and 2006), and it's a wonderful event. Interesting speakers, hundreds of attendees, all excited about producing children's literature. There's nothing like attending a conference to recharge your creative batteries and motivate to keep working. Big names like Newbery-winner Richard Peck will be there, so you can see why I'm excited about going.

It's just getting ready to leave for the weekend that's driving me crazy. This is my list of things "to-do" today:
  1. Do a load of laundry so that Boy doesn't run out of pants before I get back. I've tried to convince him we should buy him some more jeans, but trying to get him to go shopping is like trying to milk a cat.
  2. Do some updates for the SCBWI-MI website (I am webmistress)
  3. Send out some e-mails to get ready for the upcoming PCMB Craft Fair (I am sign goddess)
  4. Make some bake sale treats for both the PCMB show fundraiser and Olympian's testing—oh, and deliver them (I am crazy)
  5. Pick up boy from marching band rehearsal
  6. Pick up scrip for marching band fundraiser (unfortunately, this can't be done at the same time, so it's two trips to school)
  7. Go to band practice
  8. Pack (it's so hard to decide what shoes to bring!)
  9. Figure out parking at airport, transport from airport to NY hotel, where to spend free time in NYC tomorrow afternoon*
  10. Try not to pull out hair or brains.
What the heck am I doing here blathering on? I'll see youse guys later, maybe with same-day reports from NY!

*assuming my flight doesn't get cancelled and I arrive at night, like last time. Thank goodness there's no snow in the forecast.

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