Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mission (impossible) accomplished!

You might remember that almost two weeks ago, I confessed to being a total mess. I said, give me a week, I'll have it all straightened up. Well, I had another couple of assignments interrupt, but I have finally waded through the mess, cleaned out (and dusted) my shelves, thrown out old documents, CD programs, and manuals, and straightened the pictures the cats keep rubbing against and moving out of alignment. And I'm not making it up! I have proof!

Hey, you can see the floor! There are big empty spaces on the desktop! The knickknacks aren't sneezing from all the dust! As a reward, I'm taking some "me-time" and sending out some queries today. Why shouldn't an editor say yes this time? After all, if I can clean up my desk, anything is possible!

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. My DESK is clean, though there is still a box situation and a husbandly habit of dumping anything that doesn't go anywhere else in there.