Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wordless definitions: persistent

I suppose this definition requires a bit of explanation. If you go into my sewing room, you'll see a bit of a mess: piles of spare fabric, stacks of pants that need altering, boxes with projects inside. The boxes are there to keep project materials together in one place, and to keep cats out. This isn't always the best strategy. You see, cats love piles of fabric to curl up and shed hairs upon; they also love boxes. Sometimes when I bring out one of my boxes to work on a project, I have to forcibly prevent Callie from climbing into it. There are enough spare cat hairs around this place without her directly sitting upon something.

This can be especially problematic when I'm working on something large, like a quilt. Once it can't fit in a box any more, I fold it up and hang it on a rack, or place a book on top to protect it from catnaps. In this instance, I thought by folding the quilt and placing it on the rickety end of my ironing board, I would prevent the cat from using it as a bed. Silly me. Callie is so persistent in sharing her fur that I caught her napping in this very position. Of course when I ran downstairs to fetch my camera, she woke up to see what the fuss was about. Still, you can see she isn't particularly inclined to give up her comfy new bed. And now you see why I always wash a quilt once I've finished it....

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