Thursday, April 30, 2009

Curiosity made the cat annoying...

It's common knowledge here in our house that cats hate a closed door. They hate being shut out. If you close a door for any reason—maybe you want a little privacy, or some peace and quiet—as soon as you open the door you'll find a little crowd has gathered outside. Sometimes they don't even want to wait:

Of course, being shut out is a minor problem. What they REALLY hate is being shut in:

Now that I think about it, they may just hate any change to the status quo. There is one door inside our house that always remains shut; the basement door is right in the middle of our breakfast nook, and you couldn't walk from the kitchen to the family room if you left it open. On occasions that I travel down to the basement for a couple minutes—to pick out a book or visit the freezer—I will leave the door open. And this is what happens:

(Whoops, that video didn't come out well; you can't hear Calli crying as if she were lost and starving, but that's what she does.) You'd think our feline overlords would realize we could serve them better if their wants were at least consistent. But I suppose we couldn't demonstrate our devotion if they made it any easier for us, could we?

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