Friday, May 1, 2009

More fun with numbers

I wasn't paying attention, so it escaped my notice that yesterday was my 200th blog post! I guess time flies when you're blathering about nothing much at all. I thought I'd crunch some numbers anyway, math nerd that I am, and take stock of the last 100 posts. So this is what I've covered since the last time I considered the blog:

163 days (7 days fewer than the first 100 posts)
21 photos of the week
13 posts on Jane Austen
7 rants (2 more than the last 100, it must be the crappy weather)
7 posts on words
6 posts on writing
4 posts on quilting
3 posts proving I'm a nerd
4 submissions to editors or agents
2 rejections (one champagne from an editor I really admire)
1 request for a full mss
1 agent taking his sweet time to get back to me
23,449 words written for pay (more than twice last time!)
many, many, many fewer written for fun
3 followers (I've tripled since last time! who knew insanity is contagious!)
untold* occasional visitors

I guess I'll keep on blogging; there's no particular reason to keep blathering, but there's no reason to stop, either. See you in another 200.

*And I treasure all half dozen of you, especially you people who haven't met me but manage to leave a comment anyway! Thanks!

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